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DotGolf is an independent software solution provider for the golf industry. We specialize in producing leading edge software solutions employing the latest technologies. The software which we develop caters to the needs of the approximately 200,000 New Zealand Golf registered members and casual golfers at all New Zealands golf clubs.

DotGolf has developed a unique centralized handicapping system for all New Zealand Golf Clubs. With approximately 400 golf courses, New Zealand has the highest number of golf courses per capita in the world. The DotGolf central system was started in 2000, and is used by every New Zealand affiliated Golf Club. It has proved to be a fantastic portal for all golfers and golf clubs. It is continually growing and developing with new features and software enhancements. The central system is administered by DotGolf and is based on the USGA slope handicapping system. History and records for all golfers are held in the system and handicaps are automatically calculated.

The following complementary products and applications that have been developed by DotGolf for the golf industry:


Golf Operations

  • Personalised scorecard printing

  • Competition & event management

  • Online Tee Booking services for members & visitors

  • Simple online payment gateway configuration

  • Green fee control

  • Membership category control

  • Scorecard scanning

  • Member kiosk

  • Clubhouse Leaderboard

  • Integration with the National Handicapping System

  • Eftpos self service

  • Competition Prizes system with automatic prize posting to website and POS

DotGolf Edge is the 3rd generation platform for golf operations at clubs. It is a web based system with many new features built upon its predecessor, DotGolf Enterprise.

Jump on the new wave of innovation which is self-score scanning. Hours of manual processing is reduced to almost zero with the Kiosk offering members the ability to scan their own scorecards. Results are automatically posted to the clubhouse Leaderboard and submitted for handicapping to appear on MyGolf. If necessary, Golf Operation staff have the ability to retrieve and view the scanned scorecard image online for verification.

Through Tee Booking and Online Services, new developments are constantly evolving. One exciting recent addition is online registration for events from your club website. Another is the prize system where the competition prizes for the days events are automatically calculated based on predefined templates, and posted directly to your club website.

Gain tight control of your flexible membership playing categories. Playing limits and categories are also integrated with the membership subscriptions module.

The clubhouse Leaderboard can be configured & customized per club. Take advantage of the advertising potential to earn your club increased revenue from current & potential sponsors.


Membership, Handicapping & Financials

  • Integrated membership & subscription system

  • Xero accounting integration with smartphone application

  • Membership and Subscription Reporting

  • Online access for members

  • Golfing and social members

  • Centralised handicapping integration

  • Accepting online payments for subscriptions

  • Spread payment flexibility and optional direct debit bank processing

DotGolf has built a ground-breaking, fully integrated Membership Subscriptions system specifically for golf clubs.

Processing subscriptions on a monthly or yearly basis is a simple process requiring only a few clicks. Flexible spread payment options are available with the ability to setup direct debit payments.

Members have the ability to pay for their subscriptions online, and view their statement via the club's website and www.golf.co.nz

The system is tightly integrated into Xero's online accounting system. Clubs can take advantage of the popular Xero Bank Reconciliation and automatic bank feeds, while payments are seamlessly processed.


Point Of Sale

    DotGolf POS integration with Vend POS. Integration features include:

    • Club membership

    • Green Fee posting (at time of arrival)

    • Competition entry (at time of arrival)

    • Automatic prize posting (at completion of competition)

    • Member loyalty points management

Within DotGolf Edge, a new Point of Sale area has been designed to integrate with Vend. DotGolf POS is primarily designed to reduce the complexity during those busy periods in the golf shop. Linked with the kiosk and scorecard printing. DotGolf POS controls green fee and competition payments while also providing the ability to add other items to the sale such as foods, drinks, balls, tees, clothes, golf clubs and any other pro shop items. With all the necessary POS information accessible from one screen, the operator no longer has the inconvenience of having to switch between DotGolf and the club's POS system. Member loyalty points management is an optional feature within the system. Competition prize is automatically loaded onto the members account, and can be viewed online by the member allowing for complete clarity.

Vend POS has the ability to work on iPad, Mac & PC, and even works offline. Never miss a sale and continue selling even when the internet goes down. Vend will automatically resynch your sales when youre back online. Vend works with a wide range of hardware providers.

Product management is a breeze with Vend. Variants and composite products can be created to fit your needs. Take control over your inventory with full or partial inventory counts.

Vend reporting is customizable and flexible. You can even build your own reports with a wide range of variables and tools to get the information you need


Websites & Mobile

  • Multiple template design options

  • Customised website design and build options

  • Integrated DotGolf portal for third party designed websites

  • Mobile optimised

  • DotGolf Tee Booking App for IOS and Android

A website which drives itself...

DotGolf Club Websites have been built upon existing DotGolf platforms to leverage and integrate with key golf club information. What does this mean? It means your club's website content will be constantly updated automatically. Events, Members Directory, Tee Booking, Results and Green Fee information continually feed your website meaning NO DOUBLE ENTRY REQUIRED!

DotGolf has in house design skills to work closely with you to customise and build a website for your club. For clubs who already have and existing site, you can also take advantage of our "Member Portal" section with all the integration benefits.

With technology pushing the boundaries, clubs have taken advantage of DotGolf Mobile Optimised sites for user with mobile devices. This latest feature is offered FREE to clubs with a DotGolf club website.

Take advantage of the new DotGolf Tee Booking app where it has now become even easier to make bookings either at your club, or elsewhere in the country. Smart technology allows us to prompt the member with their regular golfing activities for quick and easy bookings. The app is available to both members and visitors, with a built-in payment gateway for green fees, and refunds if necessary.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Bulk Email

  • Customised templates

  • Email tracking

  • Membership category filters

  • Tee Booking visitors

  • Resigned members

  • Past and upcoming tournament entrants

  • At risk members (not playing regularly)

  • Mailing lists

  • Happy Birthday service

  • TXT messaging service

Integration is a point of emphasis within all DotGolf software. The CRM module is designed to leverage the foundation of Golf Operations, Membership & Financials and Club Websites.

Using the Bulk Email area, your club newsletters can be designed and setup as templates. In addition to sending email communications, the content can be automatically pushed to your club website.

Using the system, you can reach out to and connect to visitors who have booked and paid online through our online tee booking system. No more collecting email addresses at time of arrival. With DotGolf, information is automatically captured, ready for you to promote and market your club.

Filters are available for your multiple membership categories to allow for more targeted and personable communication to your members. Entice those "at risk" members (not playing regularly) to get back out on the course and into your clubhouse. Reconnect with previous members of your club by utilising the resigned members archive facility. Mailing lists can be configured as required.


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