Autex Muriwai Open   30 Jul - 02 Aug 2020

Registration Entries (157)

  Player Name Club/Country Hdcp Idx Status
Brodie, Michael Mangawhai +6.2 Accepted
Watkins, James Royal Wellington +1.3 Accepted
Keh, Wenyung New Zealand 0.0 (Pro) Accepted
Keh, Siyi New Zealand 0.0 (Pro) Accepted
Keh, Munchin New Zealand 0.0 (Pro) Accepted
Sabherwal, Shiv Whitford Park +3.5 Accepted
Alvarez, Julianne New Zealand 0.0 (Pro) Accepted
Fellows-Ford, James Hamilton +1.3 Accepted
Shilton, Brad PGA +2.5 Accepted
Pettigrew, Martin PGA +2.1 Accepted
Parker, Tom Christchurch +3.5 Accepted
Nalam, Karan Royal Auckland and Grange 0.1 Accepted
Im, Sul Huapai +0.2 Accepted
Tauariki, James Futures Geyserland +2.1 Accepted
Furniss, Joshua PGA +1.0 Accepted
Hendry, Michael PGA +4.6 Accepted
Singh, Kunaal New Zealand 0.0 (Pro) Accepted
Lu, Vivian Royal Auckland and Grange +3.3 Accepted
Kang, Dongwoo PGA +4.0 Accepted
Craig, Chas Marlborough +0.9 Accepted
Song, Hanee New Zealand 0.0 (Pro) Accepted
Thompson, Mako Maraenui +3.8 Accepted
Hodge, Tyler Gulf Harbour +1.6 (Pro) Accepted
Lee, Mason PGA +2.6 Accepted
Zwart, Pieter PGA +2.3 Accepted
Jones, Cameron PGA +3.6 Accepted
O'Connor, Will Royal Wellington +0.7 Accepted
Kobori, Momoka Rangiora +4.5 Accepted
Kobori, Kazuma Rangiora +5.5 Accepted
Barson, Dominic New Plymouth +2.4 Accepted
Gill, Taylor PGA +3.6 Accepted
Thompson, Quinton PGA 0.8 Accepted
Chisnall, Ryan PGA +4.8 Accepted
Price, Danielle New Zealand 0.0 (Pro) Accepted
Miya, Hiroki Russley +4.3 Accepted
Jones, Ethan Manaia +2.3 Accepted
Campbell, Shaun Omanu +3.1 Accepted
Ford, Jayden Judgeford +6.1 Accepted
Rokela, Grace Remuera 4.5 Accepted
An, Sam Titirangi +4.3 Accepted
Geary, Josh PGA +6.1 Accepted
Wood, Tyler Palmerston North +5.2 Accepted
Bittle, Kit Gulf Harbour +4.8 Accepted
McDonald, Lachie Marton +3.3 Accepted
Lee, Richard PGA +2.8 Accepted
Tiplady, Matty PGA 0.6 Accepted
Jones, Samuel Manaia +3.1 Accepted
Turnbull, Robby Remuera +1.3 Accepted
Rookes, Joshua North Shore 0.6 Accepted
Paddison, Gareth PGA +3.3 Accepted
Holloway, Douglas PGA +1.3 Accepted
Xu, Fiona Titirangi +6.0 Accepted
Woodall, Jordan Cambridge +3.0 Accepted
Munn, Trent Manawatu +1.4 Accepted
Bengtsson, Jesper North Shore +2.1 Accepted
Newport, Mitchell PGA +0.8 Accepted
Hillier, Daniel PGA +5.1 Accepted
Cadenhead, Oscar PGA +3.2 Accepted
Finlayson, Liam Feilding +1.4 Accepted
Jang, Misong North Shore +0.9 Accepted
Ha, Sieun North Shore +2.0 Accepted
Swanwick, Zack Napier 0.0 Accepted
Lim, Carmen Windross Farm +3.3 Accepted
Hydes, James Gulf Harbour +3.8 Accepted
Brettkelly, Dominic Hororata +2.1 Accepted
Yeo, Sung Jin PGA +2.6 Accepted
Muir, Kieran Omokoroa +3.8 Accepted
Koh, Tae Windross Farm +4.6 Accepted
Kale, Mitchell Tauranga +2.2 Accepted
Tynan, Johnny Titirangi +1.6 Accepted
Loach, Nick PGA +2.8 Accepted
Bulkeley, Shardae Mangawhai 1.1 Accepted
Neale, Lizzie Nelson +1.5 Accepted
May, Zachary Russley +2.6 Accepted
Tataurangi, Kahu Remuera +1.0 Accepted
Smail, Charlie Walton +3.6 Accepted
Loof, Jordan PGA +4.6 Accepted
Toomey, Luke PGA +4.9 Accepted
Brown, Luke PGA +3.3 Accepted
Mitchell, Craig PGA +1.6 Accepted
Na, Woonchul PGA +4.1 Accepted
Huang, Jessica Pakuranga +2.4 Accepted
Riordan, Sean PGA +2.5 Accepted
Marsters, Sam Miramar +2.0 Accepted
Fowler, Peter PGA +4.4 Accepted
Kim, David Akarana +0.4 Accepted
Hoskin, Laura New Zealand 0.0 (Pro) Accepted
Bateman, Harry PGA +4.4 Accepted
Edwards, Jared Royal Auckland and Grange +5.7 Accepted
Maurice, Caitlin Omokoroa +2.8 Accepted
Wang, Henry Pakuranga +0.5 Accepted
Janin, Victor Rotorua +1.4 Accepted
Kim, Tae Min Gulf Harbour 0.0 Accepted
Chung, Darae Shandon +5.9 Accepted
Brown, Mark PGA +4.8 Accepted
Im, Amy Pupuke +2.4 Accepted
Son, Yeonsoo North Shore +5.7 Accepted
Hale, Sam PGA +0.8 (Pro) Accepted
An, Anna Muriwai +1.8 Accepted
Ren, Jerry (Xiangming) Gulf Harbour +1.9 (Pro) Accepted
Zheng, Jimmy Howick +4.6 Accepted
Lee, Chang Gi PGA +3.7 Accepted
Wu, Kelly Remuera 0.8 Accepted
Woods, Thomas Miramar +2.7 Accepted
Zhan, Grace Maungakiekie 1.0 Accepted
Stuart, Brenden PGA +1.5 Accepted
Chen, Mary Remuera +1.1 Accepted
Guo, Mimi Royal Auckland and Grange +1.3 Accepted
Liu, Stephen Whitford Park +2.1 Accepted
Na, Jaeseung Pakuranga +4.3 Accepted
Pruden, Jordan Waitikiri +1.9 Accepted
Marshall, Trevor PGA +2.1 Accepted
McLean, Matt Harewood +3.2 Accepted
Hutson, Mark PGA +2.7 Accepted
Bai, Joshua Akarana +2.1 Accepted
Wilkin, Fraser PGA +6.0 Accepted
Choi, Eunseo Takapuna +2.7 Accepted
Latham, Matthew Redwood Park +1.5 Accepted
Lee, Danika Takapuna +2.7 Accepted
Li, Rianne Akarana +1.4 Accepted
Tiplady, Joe Royal Auckland and Grange 1.4 Waitlist
Madden, Logan Morrinsville +0.4 Waitlist
Wilkie, Jono Sherwood Park 1.1 Waitlist
Han, Amy Titirangi 1.3 Waitlist
Steven, Ryan Titirangi +1.5 Waitlist
Van Heerden, Steven Whitford Park +0.2 Waitlist
La Ville, Giles North Shore +0.2 Waitlist
Esaki, Aya North Shore 1.7 Waitlist
Emett, Cameron Whitford Park +0.2 (Pro) Waitlist
Boyce, Isaac Pegasus 2.8 Waitlist
Blount, Ian Pupuke 2.7 (Pro) Waitlist
Bain, Dell Titirangi 0.7 Waitlist
Reese, Sam Gulf Harbour 0.3 Waitlist
Cadenhead, James Amuri 3.0 Waitlist
Allott, Ross Waitemata 1.2 Waitlist
Hollick, Roy Pakuranga +0.3 Waitlist
Leng, Thai Remuera 2.0 Waitlist
Song, Jerry Queenstown 1.9 Waitlist
Tarrant, Robson Matamata 1.9 Waitlist
Wilson, Tuhourangi Karamu 1.3 Waitlist
Nitsche, Christian Whangarei 1.2 Waitlist
Smith, Nathan Remuera 2.1 Waitlist
Newman*, Daniel Helensville 0.2 (Pro) Waitlist
Millar, Jarrod Whitford Park +0.7 Waitlist
Cho, Jun Hee North Shore 2.6 Waitlist
Aoki, Shinju North Shore 2.8 Waitlist
Old, Luke Pupuke 2.4 Waitlist
Son, Jaewoo North Shore 2.5 Waitlist
Hobman*, Michael Helensville 0.5 Waitlist
Wong, Kyle Titirangi 0.7 Waitlist
Ho, Luke North Shore 3.8 Waitlist
Yoon, Ricky Takapuna 1.3 Waitlist
Shaw, Tomas Remuera 0.1 Waitlist
Du, Aileen Remuera 1.3 Waitlist
Eckard, Leslie Wainui +2.8 Waitlist
McFarlane, Liam Omanu 2.4 Waitlist
Yoon, Robin North Shore 1.5 Waitlist


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    1 Lee, Jang Hyun 124.00
    2 Jones, Samuel 80.25
    3 Kobori, Kazuma 70.00
    4 Smail, Charlie 66.83
    5 Hydes, James 62.00
    1 Chung, Darae 100.13
    2 Son, Yeonsoo 86.85
    3 Kang, Sumin 69.60
    4 Kobori, Momoka 66.67
    5 Im, Amy 60.64