Women and Girls in Golf Charter

June 2018 
Our goal: To increase the number of women and girls engaged in golf.

New Zealand Golf is committed to transforming golf into a sport that is highly engaging, accessible and fully inclusive for women and girls at every level.

The need for increased gender diversity in golf is a societal responsibility and it’s also the right thing to do.

There is a clear ethical need for change and the potential benefits of growing the sport through more women and girls playing and working in golf are substantial.

New Zealand Golf strongly supports the R&A’s Women in Golf Charter and wishes to make its own commitment to increase the number of women and girls engaged in golf.

We call on everyone involved in golf to play their part in developing a culture that values women’s involvement in every aspect of the sport, from participating to pursuing a career.

New Zealand Golf commits to:

• Playing a leadership role that sets the example and standards by which our sport is led.
• Strongly promoting and advocating for more women and girls playing, working and volunteering in golf.
• Advocating for increased opportunities for women in governance at all levels of golf.
• Developing programmes and initiatives that are focused on achieving the goal set out in this charter.
• Enhancing perceptions of golf as a healthy, accessible and inclusive sport for women and girls.
• Encouraging clubs, facilities and the wider golfing sector in New Zealand to be more welcoming, inclusive and accessible for women and girls.
• Reporting on progress annually.
Click Here to read the full New Zealand Golf Women and Girls in Golf Charter.
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