Kiwi Golf:

The programme provides a series of golf sessions to students, which teaches them a range of basic golf skills in a fun, active and colourful style. The aim is that participants will have a lot of fun and see golf as a sport that is both accessible and fun.

It targets students from Primary school Y5 and Y6 to Intermediate school Y7 and Y8. Most districts run the school programme only during school terms 1, 2 and 4.

The programme involves three sessions where the first two sessions are delivered by a Kiwi Golf Presenter (arranged through your District) or your PGA club professional at the school. The third session is delivered at the local golf club which can involve either the students playing further golf games or playing a modified game of golf known as ‘ambro – rotate’.

Contact your District for more information about the Kiwi Golf School Programme

Kiwi Golf Fun Days:

Fun Days are run at golf clubs by District’s as a follow up session to the Kiwi Golf delivered at school to get kids into the golf club environment (students who haven’t participated in the Kiwi Golf school programme can also participate).

These days provide a fun introduction to playing the game of golf where students are exposed to the game in a fun and inclusive team environment.

Kid’s play 9 holes (or less) on a shortened junior course in a team format.

The Fun Day gives the students an opportunity to put the skills they have learnt in Kiwi Golf into play and exposes them to some of the etiquette and golf rules that are integral to the game.



Junior Plus:

Is a programme that supports clubs in developing a welcoming environment for young kiwis and a quality coaching and playing programme that ensures juniors gain the development and enjoyment they need and deserve.

Your District will assess, through a simple interview, where clubs currently stand and will assist with the use of templates and programmes to create or improve their junior programme.

Many clubs in New Zealand are Junior Plus certified (par, birdie or eagle level). These clubs are reaping the benefits of not just increased junior membership but also increased adult membership. Some examples of this success can be read in the FAQ's and Case Study section.

Gateway Junior Volunteer Coach Programme:

This programme is for anyone! A ‘Coach’ is someone who provides a safe learning environment for their athletes/juniors. Non-golfing parents, high handicap golfers, retired members, male or female can all make great ‘coaches’.  

The programme replaces the old Level 1, 2 and 3 junior volunteer club coaching programme.

It involves a one day workshop, where attendees will gain basic knowledge on the WHO, WHAT and HOW to coach; including information and templates on creating a season junior programme and individual coaching sessions and games. The one day workshop will not only give the attendee basic coaching skills but also knowledge on setting up a junior programme that provides a safe and fun learning environment for their juniors.

The programme is based upon Sport New Zealand’s Coach Approach philosophy of athlete centred coaching.  On-line resources are available under the Coach Development section of this website.

Workshops are run in your district during the winter months.  Please contact your District for when the next one day workshop will be run.