Q Why do golf clubs need junior members?
  1. Increased membership (juniors and their parents)
  2. Increased revenue from increased membership (bar takings, pro-shop)
  3. Off-set aging membership and securing the club’s future
  4. Increase in quality of club representative players
  5. More youthful and vibrant club environment
  6. Today’s juniors will be tomorrow’s adult members and volunteer club personnel
  7. Increase club cohesiveness and loyalty through members supporting developing juniors
  8. Improve adult members behaviour and etiquette on and off the course (must set a good example!)

Q.  Our club needs more members, especially adult members. How will your junior programmes help us get more adult members?

A.  Most juniors need a parent / adult / guardian to take them to the golf course and home afterwards.  Most parents are interested in what their kids do and will stay and watch. Adults, like kids, find it hard to watch people have fun and not join in themselves!

It is commonly found that non-golfing parents who turn up to club coaching programmes pick up a golf club. From there it is up to the club to continue to develop their interest.  Clubs who have had success with developing their junior programmes have had success in increasing adult membership as well. Check out the Matamata Golf Club case study as an example.


Q. Our Golf Development Manager (GDM) has talked to our club already about Junior Plus, but we felt it was too much hard work.

A.  The Junior Plus programme was reviewed in 2010 and as a result simplified for clubs to achieve either the par, birdie or eagle level. To help clubs get a basic junior programme up and running, templates have been created.   It would be well worth  your clubs time in having another meeting with your GDM to discuss how they can help improve or start up a junior programme at your club.


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