The Coach Development Framework is derived from the Sport New Zealand Coaching Strategy and New Zealand Coach Development Framework documents.

Golf Coach Development Pathway Vision

The vision of the Sport New Zealand document ‘The New Zealand Coaching Strategy’ is to create a ‘World-Class Coaching Environment’. Both New Zealand Golf Inc and The PGA of New Zealand share this vision and aim to align with the new direction outlined in the Sport New Zealand Coach Development Framework.

To support this, the vision for the PGA Coach Development Pathway is to achieve:

‘Excellence in coaching practice’


‘A national golf coach development system that empowers coaches to provide a high quality coaching service to all participants’.

A shared Coach Development Philosophy

The philosophy that underpins the coach development programme has been chosen due to its strong athlete centred focus. This chosen philosophy is known as ‘The NZ CoachApproach’.

It is the goal of the PGA and New Zealand Golf to increase the understanding of the ‘athlete centred’ coaching style and to foster a culture amongst coaches in New Zealand that is true to this philosophy.
Benefits of implementing this coaching style are to:
  • Promote the understanding that there are a wide range of coaching styles and that effective coaches
    will use a variety of approaches to suit the circumstances and the needs of the players being coached 
  • Illustrate key principles of effective coaching 
  • Encourage exploration of different coaching approaches 
  • Help coaches develop their own coaching philosophy

The New Zealand CoachApproach

The CoachApproach is a philosophical approach to coaching that promotes athlete learning and ownership of that learning through creating awareness, responsibility and self belief. It is not new but simply reinforcement of best practice in coaching and how people can learn effectively. The NZ CoachApproach aims to create independent, confident and motivated athletes able to coach themselves.

For more information on the NZ CoachApproach CLICK HERE or visit the coaching section of SPARC’s website