This section of the website will act as a resource hub for all Gateway Coach information, templates, completed session plans and games.

As coaches are trained and begin creating their own coaching session plans and games this page is designed to allow all Gateway Coaches to share this information. Simply pass your plans and games to your District Golf Development Manager or directly to New Zealand Golf so we can then format and upload them to the appropriate section below.

"Jump-start" Your Season - session templates:
Session One - click here
Session Two - click here
Session Three - click here
Session Four - click here

Session Five - click here
Teaching Games for Understanding - example session templates:
Session One - click here
Session Two -  click here
Session Three - click here
Session Four - click here
Programme Planning Templates:
20 Week Season Plan 'Train, Practice & Play' Template - click here
20 Week Season Plan (completed example) - click here
Coaching Session Template (to be completed by squad coach) - click here
Competition Template - click here
Competition Template (completed example) - click here
Season Competition Log Template - click here
Player Information Form - click here
Player Progress Form - click here
Injury Management Information Sheet - click here
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