It came as a surprise when Mat Smith received the phone call informing him he’d won the Leader of the Year award at the National Golf Awards, but it shouldn’t have.

Smith wasn’t even aware he’d been nominated for the award that celebrates the manager, administrator, association leader, or anyone who has shown exemplary leadership to grow golf in New Zealand.

New Zealand Golf Chief Executive Dean Murphy says Smith has led a busy year for DotGolf in 2019 which saw the busy expand into the international market.

“Matt has overseen the extensive development of the DotGolf platform provided to all clubs in the country, and further evolved the DotGolf business to have capability for application across other sports and international markets.

“As a cornerstone achievement, Matt has been part of a team that has secured significant new business contracts in England, Ireland and Wales.

“This evolution of the DotGolf business will contribute significantly increased revenue to parent organisation (New Zealand Golf) that in turn help grow the game in New Zealand.

“Matt is a thoughtful and considered leader who inspires people through his actions. He stepped up into the leadership role at DotGolf three years ago and the business has never been in a stronger position,” Murphy explains.

Smith says the award is an extension of all the hard work the people around him put in and should be shared with all of them.

“I’m a big believer in setting clear objectives, empowering others, and establishing relationships. The team all take ownership of what they do which makes job as a leader very easy.

“It’s a real privilege to be able to lead such an awesome group of people. Our team extends all the way to our board, our staff, and New Zealand Golf,” Smith says.

DotGolf’s General Manager holds high values for the company and is proud of the year gone.

“At DotGolf we have a vision which is to deliver our technology solutions to the golf industry to grow the game of golf.

“Last year in 2019 we set out with a business plan to execute, and worked extremely hard to achieve those objectives. We have a running joke in the office, each year seems to get bigger and bigger. 2019 was definitely the case, and 2020 is looking no different again,” he says.

Smith credits empowering his staff as a monumental reason for being awarded the Leader of the Year recognition.

“Within the software industry, I believe it is especially important to create an atmosphere where everyone is motivated to be creative in their thinking process. We encourage participation and discussion from all team members, empowering staff to share their input from development and implementation through to support and training, which ultimately motivates all involved because they each play a crucial role.

“Lastly, I believe it is vital to establish positive relationships with each staff member. I like to treat ur staff as individuals first, and as a staff member second.

“We care for all our staff, and understand the importance of positive relationships within the workplace,” he says.



    1 Jones, Samuel 115.78
    2 Lee, Jang Hyun 83.56
    3 Zheng, Jimmy 73.73
    4 Ford, Jayden 66.16
    5 Bai, Joshua 66.10
    1 Chung, Darae 260.13
    2 Son, Yeonsoo 110.19
    3 Xu, Fiona 93.60
    4 Im, Amy 69.80
    5 Kang, Sumin 69.60