The HSBC 9 Hole challenge has teed off around the country recently and almost 65 clubs have signed up to host the twilight golf summer events.

It is the third year of the HSBC 9 Hole challenge and it has been met with widespread approval by the golfing public with nine hole golf club memberships increasing by 10 percent in 2010.

That statistic was very encouraging for New Zealand Golf Chief Executive Dean Murphy who is sure the HSBC 9 Hole challenge will continue to grow in 2011.

“With daylight savings beginning a couple of weeks ago, it is the perfect time to get out on the golf course,” said Murphy.

“The HSBC 9 Hole challenge has been a well-received initiative and the growth in nine hole membership shows us that people are embracing the shorter form of the game. It is exciting that the game is appealing to a new audience and growing participation.”

For HSBC CEO Noel McNamara, the popularity of the event throughout the regions is hugely rewarding.

“We are delighted that the concept of nine holes is becoming so popular across New Zealand and are looking forward to seeing the number of clubs involved in this year’s tournament grow from last year,” said McNamara.

“We would like to wish all the entrants to the 2011 HSBC 9 Hole challenge good luck and look forward to seeing the winners progress through the regional tournaments and on to the final in December.”

Former All Black Grant Fox, the ambassador of the HSBC 9 Hole challenge, the format is perfect for today’s time poor society.

“Society has changed and golf needs to change with it,” said the 46 test veteran. “The HSBC 9 Hole challenge is a quick, fun and easy way to get involved in the game.

“It is great competition to be involved with and I am sure that it has played a significant role in increasing nine hole membership across New Zealand. People who have an interest in golf should enter the tournament because it is the perfect way to get involved in the game in a relaxed and social environment.”

Clubs can still register for the HSBC 9 Hole challenge by contacting the Marketing Manager at New Zealand Golf Jan Burrows on

To sign up for the HSBC 9 Hole challenge visit:



    1 Jones, Samuel 89.11
    2 Lee, Jang Hyun 83.56
    3 Bai, Joshua 70.11
    4 Zheng, Jimmy 68.22
    5 Ford, Jayden 63.49
    1 Chung, Darae 166.80
    2 Xu, Fiona 89.87
    3 Son, Yeonsoo 86.85
    4 Kang, Sumin 69.60
    5 Kobori, Momoka 66.67