It was a clean sweep for Sherwood Park members in all four divisions of the 2010 New Zealand Golf Women’s Senior Handicap Foursomes held at the Sherwood Park Golf Club in Whangarei, last week.

The top division which awards the New Zealand LGU Salver to the winning pair was won by Sherwood Park members Rachael Ngaropo and Gay Quann, 4/2 over Moira Pullman and Lesley Ferguson from the Ngunguru Golf Club.

Ngaropo and Quann had beaten Trish Young (North Shore) and Val Hancox (Pukekohe) in the semi-finals in a tight match that went to the 19th hole.

Top qualifiers after Monday’s net qualifying round, Sherill Jeeves and Joan Robinson, also both Sherwood Park members, were the losers in the other semi-final to Pullman and Ferguson, who won 1 up, in another closely fought semi-final.

Sherwood Park member Zena Townsend teamed up with sister, Wendy Neil from Judgeford Park GC to win the Mrs SS Wilson Plates, Division 2. They had a good win, 3/2 against Coleen West and Barbara Barrell (Sherwood Park GC). 

Semi finalists in division two included Lynley Halligan and Alison Denton from Manukau GC who were the top qualifiers in this division. Well known Northland golfers Barbara Chitty (Mangawhai GC) and Val Moffat (Whangaroa GC) managed to get to the 18th before West and Barrell secured the other semi-final 1 Up.

Lesley Ridgley & Gillaine Dalbeth (Sherwood Park members) won the division 3, ADLGA Trophies with a win on the 19th hole. Opponents Diana Marsh (Whangarei) and Wendy McFadyen (Te Puke) were yet another sister combination, in a tournament full of sister and family combinations. 

Semi finalists in division 3 included a contingent from Canterbury’s Weedons GC, Pam Maxwell paired with Molly Langan and Liz Shepherd paired with Marg Langan.

The Rosetown Trophies, division four, were awarded to Glenis Cleave and Jeanne Allen, another Sherwood Park pairing. They won their final easily, 5/4 against Beryl McLeod and Yvonne McKinnon, fellow club members.

Both 4th division finalists had earlier recorded very good wins against their semi-finalist opposition. Cleave and Allen won 5/4 over Judy Tremain and Nancy Ross from the Manukau GC. McLeod and McKinnon had soundly beaten Avon Gordon and Sina McKay from the Waihi GC, with a win 6/5.

This was the national tournament’s 38th championship, with a history that goes back to 1973 when first played at the Manukau Golf Club. The format has remained relatively unchanged with a set field size of 64 pairs, competing in a net foursomes stroke play round, before splitting into 4 divisions of sixteen pairs. Pairs then play handicap match play for the coveted trophies.

PaR nz Golfing Holidays and New Zealand Golf have announced the dates and venue for the 2011 championship. Taupo Golf Course will host the 29th New Zealand Golf Women’s Senior Handicap Foursomes from Monday 29th November to Thursday 1st December 2011.




    1 Jones, Samuel 115.78
    2 Lee, Jang Hyun 83.56
    3 Zheng, Jimmy 73.73
    4 Ford, Jayden 66.16
    5 Bai, Joshua 66.10
    1 Chung, Darae 260.13
    2 Son, Yeonsoo 110.19
    3 Xu, Fiona 93.60
    4 Im, Amy 69.80
    5 Kang, Sumin 69.60