Registration is now open for the NZ Golf Industry Council (NZGIC) Whole of Golf Conference Moving Golf Forward – Coordinating, Collaborating and Communicating' to be held 3-5 August at Ellerslie Event Centre, Auckland.

Registrations have started to come in for this inaugural three day conference that will be of benefit and interest to everyone associated with the golf industry. This is the first time the various golf sectors will have an opportunity to come together, to meet, discuss, learn about things golf – not just things related to their sector area but also find out more about the other sectors. This will be a chance for people to work together looking at ways to move forward, grow, develop strategies and to work on the challenges.

The primary objective of the Conference is to provide opportunities for all attendees to share and disseminate information about new innovations, concepts, research and best practices happening within the golf industry. It will also provide attendees the opportunity to network amongst both their New Zealand and international golfing peers.

The Whole of Golf Conference will appeal to people from across the golfing spectrum, including:

• Golf Course Superintendents

• Golf Club Managers

• Golf Club Board/Committee members

• Golf Professionals

• Golf Industry Service Providers

• Golf Industry Suppliers

• Other Interested Golfing Parties

The conference will be the ideal way for the sectors to learn about each other, develop better understanding of requirements and challenges faced, and improve collaboration between the various departments within golf clubs and businesses

The Whole of Golf Conference is being eagerly anticipated internationally as this is a unique concept – having one combined conference for all sectors instead of individual sectors each having their own. This is a great step forward toward looking after golf into the future.

With over 300 delegates expected and 40 plus trade show exhibitors it will pay to get your registration in now to ensure your place. Plus you can take advantage of the Early Bird specials when you book and pay before 31 March.

About the Owners and Hosts of WGC 2020

The New Zealand Golf Industry Council (NZGIC) was founded in 2017 and established to encourage coordination and collaboration between organisations in the New Zealand Golf Industry to achieve the goal of growing the sport of golf.

Membership of the NZGIC is open to all organisations and interested individuals within the Golf Industry. For more information go to:

Contact for media enquiries

Elizabeth Witton

NZGIC Board Member


Tel: +64 274 373 498

Contact for registration enquiries

Denise Langdon

NZGIC Board Member


Tel: +64 275 662 385

Contact for sponsorship enquiries

Des Topp

NZGIC Board member


Tel: Mobile:+64 21 392 007



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    2 Son, Yeonsoo 110.19
    3 Xu, Fiona 93.60
    4 Im, Amy 69.80
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