Introducing Michelle Campbell, the winner of the 2018 Manager of the Year. 

This year, we’ve changed the category to Leader of the Year to include anyone administering the game who is leading the growth of the game of golf in New Zealand. In 2018, Michelle Campbell of Hastings Golf Club did just that.

Q: What did winning the Leader of the Year Award mean for you and your club last year:

A: It was a great recognition of all the hard work the club has put in to progressing forward last year. We had a year in which we tackled several different projects and they all came to fruition. It also cemented the value in the GMANZ BMI education programme which I have been enrolled in since it was first introduced into New Zealand. It was pleasing to get recognised for all of that.

Q: Why are awards such as Leader of the Year important for clubs around New Zealand?

A: It’s important that members see how invested managers are in their club. We are in our roles to serve our club’s the best we can, and I personally try and get involved heavily within the industry and bring as many learnings back to the club to help move us in a positive direction.

Q: What are some of the things you’ve learnt while leading your club and how has this shaped the leader you are now?

A: It’s important to be open-minded and that everyone matters! Take every discussion from a member seriously as it’s important that they feel valued. I make sure members know that we care.

Q: What do you focus on as a leader?

A: Teamwork is important. Our employees all have a different skill set and it’s important to allow them to express themselves and grow within their own roles whilst aligning with the club’s mission and values. If one fails, we all fail!

As a member-based club our priority is on club values and community whilst at the same time providing the best experience to all visitors as well.

Communication is also integral to the running of any club or business.

Q: How have you continued to lead Hastings Golf Club in 2019 after winning the award in 2018?

A: Hastings Golf Club has had a solid year. Financially the surplus is up 7.5% on 2018 so we’ve had another strong year. We’ve been conscious of getting some cash reserves in place as we’re going to start some major irrigation replacement in 2020. As far projects go it’s been very steady year, and looking back at the year when I won the award, I had a lot going on from clubhouse refurb, change to an on licence, rebranding of our F&B. This year was all about consolidating what we did last year and making sure we were prepared for what’s coming up.

Successfully sitting the CCM exam and achieving this designation was a big highlight during the year.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role here?

A: The people! I’ve been here for a 15-years now with the last three years as the General Manager, and I couldn’t ask for better members. They’re all very special.

The variety of the role is also very rewarding.



    1 Lee, Jang Hyun 124.00
    2 Jones, Samuel 80.25
    3 Zheng, Jimmy 76.75
    4 Kobori, Kazuma 70.00
    5 Smail, Charlie 69.83
    1 Chung, Darae 100.13
    2 Son, Yeonsoo 86.85
    3 Kang, Sumin 69.60
    4 Kobori, Momoka 66.67
    5 Im, Amy 60.64