Tournament favourites Auckland have recorded two decisive wins to begin their campaign for a fourth straight New Zealand Women’s Interprovincial title at Maraenui Golf Club.

Stormy weather didn’t deter the Auckland outfit from another incredible day of golf where they had to run for shelter as the Hawkes Bay finally got hit with the same bad weather the rest of the country has been hit by this afternoon.

The ladies from the city of sails didn’t drop a single game against Otago and Taranaki, beating them both 5-0 on day one of the tournament.

Stand out performances came from number five Grace Jung who managed two 8&7 victories, and number four Angela Ju who opened with a 7&6 victory followed by another 9&8.

The three-time defending champions who are searching for their 26th win in the tournament’s history are set to play Hawkes Bay Poverty Bay tomorrow morning, before having a bye tomorrow afternoon.

North Harbour are also off to the start they’re looking for, also recording two wins on the opening day’s play.

They’ve beaten Northland 5-0 in the morning in a match that didn’t reflect the overall result with a couple of matches going their late in the back nine. They also dispatched of Waikato 3.5-1.5 in the afternoon, after the Waikato outfit came off a bye in the morning round.

Manawatu/Wanganui have shown they’re a team to be wary off come the latter stages of the week.

They’ve beaten Wellington 5-0 and Hawkes Bay Poverty Bay 4-1 to tee off their interprovincial campaign. Manawatu/Wanganui number one Tara Raj recorded a notable win over the in form Darae Chung 2&1, and beat Tessa McDonald 4&2 this afternoon.

Manawatu/Wanganui last got their name on the trophy in 1960.

Bay of Plenty have also recorded an important win in their opening round over Canterbury 3.5-1.5 before having a bye this afternoon.

They face Tasman tomorrow morning.

2019 New Zealand Women’s Interprovincial’s
Maraenui Golf Club
December 3-7

Round One – Tuesday 3 December

Aorangi 3.5 v Taranaki 1.5 Ginny Bolderston lost to Tineka Kumeroa 4/3, Angela Gerken def Joanne McDonald 4/3, Catherine Knight def Debbie McCallum 2/1, Lynda Brown def Kim Lucas 1up Kathryn Baker halved with Kay-Maree Mihaljevich

Bay of Plenty 3.5 v Canterbury 1.5 Caitlin Maurice def Maddie May 2/1, Jessica Green lost Amy Weng 1up, Aroha Tito halved with Hillary O’Connor, Taylor-Rose Perrett def Olive Tapu 2/1, Susan Short def Melissa Newburn 1up

Auckland 5 v Otago 0 Vivian Lu def Sumin Kang 5/4, Fiona Xu def Danielle Bailey 5/4, Carmen Lim def Tracey Storer 7/6, Angela Ju def Susan Greig 7/6, Grace Jung def Amy Johns 8/7

North Harbour 5 v Northland 0 Anna An def Shardae Bulkeley 2/1, Vaha Fapiano def Kylie Jacoby 3/2, Eunseo Choi def Sjanna Bishop 6/4, Yeonsoo Son def Jenny Peters 6/4, Danika Lee def Alayna Cox 1up

Man / Wang 5 v Wellington 0 Tara Raj def Darae Chung 2/1, Zhuo Yi Hu def Erika Cui 4/3, Brydie Hodge def Alanah Gullery 5/4, Lisa Herbert def Victoria Li 5/4, Lily Griffin def Shontalia William 8/6

Round Two – Tuesday 3 December

North Harbour 3.5 v Waikato 1.5 Anna An def Zahraa Bester 3/2, Vaha Fapiano halved with Jill Morgan, Eunseo Choi lost to Sarah Hancock 1up, Yeonsoo Son def Robyn Pellow 5/4, Danika Lee def Sian Stevenson 5/4

Canterbury 4.5 v Tasman 0.5 Maddie May def Lizzie Neale , Amy Weng def Eve Clarke , Hillary O’Connor def Emily Stenhouse , Olive Tapu def Amber Boyce , Melissa Newburn def Tracy Bary

Wellington 4 v Aorangi 1 Darae Chung def Ginny Bolderston 4/3, Erika Cui def Angela Gerken 3/1, Alanah Gullery def Catherine Knight 1up, Victoria Li lost to Lynda Brown 4/3, Shontalia William def Kathryn Baker 6/4

Man / Wang 4 v Hawkes Bay PB 1 Tara Raf def Tessa McDonald 4/2, Zhuo Yi Hu def Janie Field7/5 , Brydie Hodge lost to Clare Choi 5/4, Lisa Herbert def Marth Manaena 1up, Lily Griffin def Fiona Ellis 5/4

Auckland 5 v Taranaki 0 Vivian Lu def Tineka Kumeroa 7/6, Fiona Xu def Joanne McDonald 5/4, Carmen Lim def Debbie McCallum 4/2, Angela Ju def Kim Lucas 9/8, Grace Jung def Kay-Maree Mihaljevich 8/7



    1 Hydes, James 170.25
    2 Kobori, Kazuma 134.84
    3 Thompson, Mako 110.28
    4 Zheng, Jimmy 94.89
    5 Jones, Samuel 93.31
    1 Chung, Darae 218.92
    2 Kobori, Momoka 159.50
    3 Xu, Fiona 128.24
    4 Son, Yeonsoo 96.58
    5 Lu, Vivian 91.25