The game of golf in New Zealand continues to grow from strength to strength, and it wouldn’t be without the hard work that kiwi’s put in behind the scenes both at their clubs, and abroad. The National Golf Awards are an opportunity to recognise hardworking individuals and celebrate their successes in 2019.

With plenty of categories to celebrate, we’re encouraging you to nominate anyone you feel deserves a mention. Whether it be a volunteer, a noteworthy performance from an athlete oversees, or it could be a great story from your local golf club. The National Golf Awards is the perfect forum to celebrate those people covering, delivering, and administrating the game in New Zealand.

The categories being celebrated this year are:

· Leader of the Year: Managers, administrators, association leaders, those people who have shown exemplary leadership to grow the game.

· Volunteer of the Year: Dedication to golf volunteering across either or all club, regional and national levels to support the game.

· Club of the Year: Clubs who display innovation, inclusion, community impact, use of NZ Golf initiatives and growth.

· Environmental Club of the Year: A club demonstrating and promoting leadership in environmental stewardship and positively influencing golfs environmental profile.

· All Abilities Golfer of the Year: Disabled athletes who inspire golfers of all abilities to participate in the game.

· Performance of the Year: A performance by an athlete that boosts the profile of golf and inspires more people to play the game.

· Male Amateur Player of the Year: A male amateur that boosts the profile of golf, displays the values of golf and inspires more people to play the game.

· Female Amateur Player of the Year: A female amateur that boosts the profile of golf, displays the values of golf and inspires more people to play the game.

· Professional Player of the Year: A professional golfer who performs at the highest level on the world stage. Represents New Zealand well and displays golfs values.

· Event of the Year: An event that inspires golf participation, displays innovation and professionalism and grows the positive profile of golf.

· Professional Coach of the Year: The pinnacle of professional coaching within New Zealand supporting the talent and performance pathways allowing golfers to reach their level of aspiration.

· Community Coach of the Year: A coach at any level within New Zealand that is inspiring the growth of new players to the game and demonstrating innovation, community connection and generating visible and accessible pathways.

Nominating someone is easy! Simply pick the category you wish to nominate by clicking HERE or the link below and start telling us why your nominee should win!

Nominations close on March 15 2020, with the winners and category finalists to be notified on 15 April. The Awards dinner will celebrate the achievements of the winners on May 4 2020.

For more information please contact New Zealand Golf on golfawards@nzgolf.org.nz


    1 Lee, Jang Hyun 141.71
    2 Smail, Charlie 70.86
    3 Jones, Samuel 70.29
    4 Kobori, Kazuma 57.14
    4 Zheng, Jimmy 57.14
    1 Son, Yeonsoo 86.85
    2 Chung, Darae 73.47
    3 Kang, Sumin 69.60
    4 Im, Amy 59.69
    5 Raj, Tara 54.49