Article courtesy of ODT

He has only ever had two golf lessons in his life and has just brought up a century. But not 100 off the stick. 

Dunedin golfer Corran Munro has hit under his age on the Otago Golf Club course at Balmacewen for the 100th time.

That is right - on 100 occasions he has hit under his age. Doing it just once is an achievement but Munro, a retired dentist, racked up his century late last month.

The 80-year-old actually did number 101 on Wednesday as he starts his march towards 200 perhaps.

Munro first hit under his age with a 71 when he was aged 72 and just continued clocking them up. He hit a 78 last week so was two under his age.

He plays a couple of times a week if he can and said there was no secret to his success.

"You've just got to put it down the middle. Putting is the bane of my life. A lot of us struggle with putting," he said.

Munro started playing golf when he was at primary school and continued when at King's High School though everyone was encouraged to play team sports, he said.

Munro played 10 years for Otago and was captain of the Otago Freyberg team in1968-70.

The right-hander, who has a handicap of nine, said he hit about 180m off the tee. He had two lessons when he was 12-13 and that was it. He said he picked up tips from other players and playing in many tournaments.

His father was Abe Munro, a member of the 1924-25 Invincibles. He later became a life member of the Otago Rugby Football Union.

Munro said he kept playing for the fun, the company, and the actual playing of the game.



    1 Lee, Jang Hyun 165.33
    2 Smail, Charlie 82.67
    3 Jones, Samuel 82.00
    4 Kobori, Kazuma 66.67
    4 Zheng, Jimmy 66.67
    1 Son, Yeonsoo 117.08
    2 Kang, Sumin 104.40
    3 Chung, Darae 100.00
    4 Im, Amy 61.07
    5 Ju, Angela 60.00