1. These terms and conditions (Terms) set out the rules governing participation in the Casual Golf Initiative and access to the New Zealand Golf and LOVE Golf websites ( &

2. The New Zealand Golf Casual Golf Initiative is brought to you by New Zealand Golf Inc in partnership and association with DotGolf.

3. These Terms relate specifically to the Casual Golf Initiative. They operate in addition to the standard terms and conditions governing usage of the NZ Golf website.


1. Entry to any person who is not currently a member of a New Zealand Golf Club.

2. By registering you are becoming a registered member of New Zealand Golf Inc implying full acceptance of these Terms, including any changes that may be made to the Terms from time to time.

3. To become a Registered Casual Golfer, the person must register and provide the information requested accurately. Personal information provided at the time of registration is presumed to be true and correct. It is the responsibility of Registered Casual Golfer to update personal information as and when necessary.

4. Persons may only register once. Registration is for a single person only.

5. Registered Casual Golfers consent to the disclosure of their personal information, including but not limited to their name, date of birth, and golf scores onto the New Zealand Golf and LOVE Golf websites, to any person who visits the New Zealand Golf or LOVE Golf websites, to New Zealand Golf, to suppliers of any prizes and to other sponsors of New Zealand Golf.


1. DotGolf takes no responsibility for:

• Failure of the customer to be at the golf course ready to play at the booked tee time for any reason whatsoever.

• The condition of the golf course and any current work being undertaken (e.g. green coring and any other maintenance work).

• Any dissatisfaction the customer may have with the Golf Course at which the round is booked or any member of their staff.

• Any variation or mistake in prices quoted for any Golf Club on the site which to the best of the knowledge and belief of DotGolf are correct.

• There will be no refunds available in these circumstances and no correspondence will be entered into.

2. At the time of booking a tee time your credit card payment will be pre-authorised. The Golf Club will charge your credit card on the day of your round or at a time shortly thereafter. A booking fee of $2.00 will still be charged in any of the following circumstances:

• The Golf Course being closed for play at the time of your tee time.

• If you have validly cancelled your tee time under clause 3.

3. You are entitled to cancel your booked tee time on line at any time up to 11.59pm on the day being 2 days prior to the day of your booked tee time. Note that if you do cancel your booking after this time, you will be required to ring the golf club staff. Final discretion on whether you will be charged lies with the golf club, and policy differs from club to club.

4. You are entitled to book tee times for other players. If you do that DotGolf will immediately email those player(s) (you must, as part of the booking process, provide email addresses for the other players). Depending on the policy of the golf club being booked at, those player(s) must accept and confirm the booking within 24 hours of receiving the email failing which the booking for those player(s) will be automatically cancelled.

5. If you intend to play with a member of the Golf Course at which you have booked a tee time your credit card will be pre-authorised for green fees as though that member were not playing. If at the time of your tee time the member does not play with you, you will be charged the full green fee. If the member does play with you, you will be charged by the Golf Course at the applicable rate for playing with a member.

6. If you are a junior player your credit card will be pre authorised for green fees as though you are a senior player. You must provide proof of your age to the Golf Course at which you are playing. This is likely to be a drivers licence, passport or student ID card with photo identification and date of birth. If you are able to prove you are a junior player to the satisfaction of the Golf Course at which you are playing then your credit card will be charged at junior rates. If you are unable to prove your age you will be charged at full rates.


1. New Zealand Golf Inc may change or delete any of these Terms at any time. Casual Registered Golfers are responsible for checking the Terms regularly to review any such changes. Continued participation in the Casual Golf Initiative following the publication of any changes to the Terms confirms Participants acceptance of those changes.


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