It is the role of New Zealand Golf’s National Development Programme to deliver and support athlete focused, coach led player development that provides a level of service beyond that of other leading golf nations in the world.

As players progress from one stage of the LTPD pathway to the next, it is crucial that the level of coaching service, specialist support service, competition structure and programme funding is increased to meet the needs of the players within the programme.

Below are the four key phases of a player’s progression that are supported by New Zealand Golf.

The National Development Programme Pathway Phases:

1. District led, New Zealand Golf supported, talent identification and development

2. National junior talent identification and development

3. National Academy Programme

4. Rookie Professional Assistance


The player’s chronological and developmental stage are taken into consideration during selection and within each programme phase.

Each phase is underpinned by the philosophy of Long Term Player Development and the need for a player to develop skills across all five performance pillars: technical, tactical (includes cognitive / decision making), physical, psychological and behavioral.

It is possible for players to arrive into the National Development Programme at any phase; it is not a rigid ‘stepping stone’ based pathway. Supporting the improvement of a players Performance Mastery, the ability to ‘play the game’, remains the primary focus throughout the programme phases.

The Player Pathway


Below is a diagram of the wider golf ‘player pathway’. This includes the entry points into the sport of golf and the various stages a player can be in throughout their time in the sport. The most populated stage of the pathway is participation. The Performance Pathway is shown on the right, those crossing over into this stage have made a commitment to performance at some level.

The role of the National Development Programme sits within the Performance Pathway and is represented diagrammatically below. For a more detailed look at the phases of the New Zealand Golf National Development Programme, and how they map against the LTPD stages, and the national and international competitive environments see further below.

 The Performance Pathway