Complete player development includes five key skill development areas.  This is the tab for ‘Technical’ based resource that may assist you to gather greater knowledge or to develop your own strategies for continued progress.


If reaching a world class standard is the goal then you will need to aim to develop afull swing technique that will enable you to compete, consistently, within an internationally competitive environment.  Your short game mastery, including putting, will also be of an equally high standard.  This can be measured by both your levels of performance and your displayed technical proficiently / consistency.

To reach this level a players full swing biomechanics will be such that the stress on their body is minimal therefore limiting the potential for injury. 

A world class players technique for all shots will produce repeatable movement patterns and dynamics that allow for a high degree of consistency.  Their full swing will generate high club head speed that translates to high ball speed. 

The player should also have a level of adaptability that allows them to produce multiple shot shapes with minor changes in swing mechanics.

The efficiency of a swing can be measured through the use of 3D biomechanical analysis; high speed video and launch monitor ball tracking / shot dispersion testing.   Of course the ultimate test is the ability to produce low scores within a tournament environment.   As have been alluded to already each of the five skill development categories must be considered when assessing a players game for potential improvement opportunities.