Psychological – The mind both mentally and emotionally


Complete player development includes five key skill development areas.  This is the tab for ‘Psychological’ based resource that may assist you to gather greater knowledge or to develop your own strategies for continued progress.


Psychological:  The Mental Dimension


High Level of Performance Readiness

The player understands the mental skill level required of world class performers. They have the ability to consistently prepare mentally and be ready to play and train at a high level.

High Level of Performance Focus

The player has the ability to remain focused on performance related tasks (i.e. pre shot evaluation process, pre shot routine application, post shot routine) and to be able to perform at a consistently high level.


Psychological: The Character / Behavioural Dimension



The player will, almost all of the time, show an ability to “bounce back” from difficult experiences (such as a bogey or bad shot; or a bad round).  Also shows the ability to surge forward when things are going well (e.g. going under par, continue to go further under par). This can be observed through behaviour (on or off course), or through behavioural based questioning, and probing for the player to give specific examples of facing adversity and how they responded.

 Work ethic

The player’s work ethic and discipline, both on and off the course reflects an attitude that they will do whatever it takes, within the bounds of their core values, to reach their true potential.

Coachability and ability to learn

The player will show willingness and ability to learn, is open to and evaluates advice, is a creative problem solver, learns from successes and failures, progresses quickly, and is persistent.

Quality training habits

The player will show a reliable pattern of quality, deep, deliberate and effective practice. They plan practice sessions, are able to mentally and physically prepare themselves to be ready to practice and complete their plan.


Support network category

The player has a support network consisting of people who provide continuous reliable non -judgmental caring support.

Life balance

The player has interests outside of golf, is working /doing meaningful study or a trade, is offering services voluntarily.  Knows what to do to switch off from golf and relax.


Team Person

Where applicable the player contributes to team cohesion, adheres to positive team vision and values, and assists others.