Physical – The body

Complete player development includes five key skill development areas.  This is the tab for ‘Physical’ based resource that may assist you to gather greater knowledge or to develop your own strategies for continued progress.



There are key physiological development areas, see below, that a player should maintain a focus on to allow them train and compete at a world class level.  The initial objective for a player may be to become or remain functional, both physically and mentally, while training and competing but a longer term goal may include greater levels of any combination of the below to improve overall performance.     

A score of 4 or 5 in each category would be preferable.


0 = Poor,  1 - 3 = Developing,  4 - 5 Excellent

-      Stability, Mobility and flexibility           (Score 0 – 5)

-      Balance and coordination                       (Score 0 – 5)

-      Strength and conditioning                     (Score 0 – 5)

-      Injury management                                                 (Score 0 – 5)

-      Diet and nutrition                                      (Score 0 – 5)

-      Diet and nutrition                                      (Score 0 – 5)

-      Aerobic level                                               (Score 0 – 5)


A yes or no based around compliance, completion and result

-      Health screening                                        (Yes ok/No not ok)

-      Optometry                                                   (Yes ok/No not ok)

-      Podiatry                                                         (Yes ok/No not ok)