This section of the website is dedicated to providing the young emerging talent throughout New Zealand, and those willing to support them, a place to find resources that may assist them as they progress.

You will find five skill development categories below; each of which having resource included with more to be added over time.  Please feel free to use any of the articles, templates or worksheets to help formulate your own development strategies and plans. 
If you or your coach would like to assist others by adding to the growing resource please do so by contacting Gregg Thorpe, the Talent Development Manager at nzgolf@nzgolf.org.nz.

Complete player development focuses on not one but all of the key skill development areas.  Five over-arching categories of player development have been identified below.  While these terms provide an overview a truly holistic coaching programme delves much deeper to explore the needs of each area. 

The five identified skill development categories are:
1.            Technical:                            The bio-mechanics of the swing
2.            Tactical:                                How to play the game
3.            Physical:                              The body
4.            Psychological                     The mind, both mentally and emotionally
5.            Organisational                   The golfer, the person


The following resource area has been created to allow a number of best practice examples to be shared amongst the emerging talented players and their various support networks throughout the country.  These resources are for you to review, and if so desired, integrate into your skill development and on-going training programmes, or simply to gain new information in any one of the nominated areas.  It is the responsibility of the user to decide whether the drills or information is suitable for them.