Organisational -You; the person and the golfer


Complete player development includes five key skill development areas.  This is the tab for ‘Organisational’ based resource that may assist you to gather greater knowledge or to develop your own strategies for continued progress.



For a player to be highly organised they will most likely have a quality coaching team around them.  For this coaching team to be high performing they will have a good understanding and alignment across each of the coaching specialisations.  Their coaching philosophies and or approaches will be understood and integrated, allowing for effective communication between the various service providers to ensure a cohesive approach to the player’s development.


This coaching and player development support group would include, as a minimum, the following members:

-      Primary (home) coach

-      Mental skills coach

-      physiotherapist

-      physical conditioner


Together they would create for and with the player; long term goals, annual goals and development plans, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals and schedules.  The purpose being to bring clarity and focus to the players development pathway. 


The player will be both good at planning and executing their plan.  This would include the ability to review each of their performances.  The player will have the ability to learn from tournament performances and take these learning’s to the next training or event allowing for skill refinement to occur that is focused and relevant to both immediate and long standing issues.