New Zealand Golf's Strategic Plan 2020 to 2025 - Enriching Lives Through Golf

Golf is a game that is important to New Zealanders, holding a special place in the nation’s sporting landscape. Golf was first played in New Zealand at the Dunedin Golf Club in 1871, so in 2021 we will celebrate 150 years of golf in this country.
For New Zealand as a sporting nation, golf provides some of the most memorable occasions in our history. The names of Sir Bob Charles, Michael Campbell and Lydia Ko are synonymous with the very pinnacle of New Zealand sporting success. They are athletes whose success has inspired generations of New Zealanders from all walks of life.

Golf is distinctive from other sports. It is a game that has a unique tradition and history that encompasses a values system that is unrivaled. It is the only sport that can be played competitively and equitably across all facilities in all conditions by participants of all ages and skill levels.

Most importantly, golf is a game that delivers positive and enriching outcomes for participants through inspired performances, increased physical activity, greater social connectedness and enhanced health and well-being. Positive benefits are not confined to golf participants; the game of golf delivers an increasingly significant number of social, environmental and economic benefits to our country.

As we look ahead, it is clear there are many challenges in front of us. In our view, it’s crucial that the sport embraces the future and plans effectively to meet the changing needs of participants.

Our strategy sets out our vision for the future, where our priorities lie and where we will focus our efforts in the period through to 2025.
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New Zealand Golf Services Guide
The New Zealand Golf Services guide has been developed for the golf sector and our partners.
It outlines the role New Zealand Golf plays in leading, growing and supporting the game.
The guide also outlines what programmes, initiatives and resources are available to our affiliated partners.