New Zealand Golf Inclusion Statement

We believe golf provides lifelong enrichment to all involved with the game and we wish to share this value with as many people as possible. We believe that diversity and inclusion create a richer environment within our sport and that by actively fostering diversity and inclusion, we enhance the inherent value of the game to everyone involved.
We are committed to proactively encouraging the inclusion of under-represented populations and people within our game.

Future Vision
The golf industry, in its entirety, embraces and values diversity and inclusion. The contributions of all people are recognised and celebrated.

What does a commitment to inclusion mean?
• New Zealand Golf, our board and our leaders are committed to an ongoing journey to develop and foster an inclusive and diverse sport.
• Our golfing environment reflects our communities and our changing society.
• The game is accessible by all people and their contributions are valued.

What does it look like?
New Zealand Golf are committed to taking action. The below framework outlines our activity.

Click here to read our full Inclusion Charter.