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World Handicap System (WHS)

Golf Clubs have now received A3 posters that can be displayed for members regarding the new world handicap system.

WHS implementation to New Zealand will now be early April which is one month later than originally planned. The new implementation date is based on need for some of the third party technology companies to complete their development in order to integrate with the new WHS technology platform.

The extra time is going to be of benefit to our Golf Clubs and members, allowing more time to understand the affect of the new system.

Here is a reminder of the key components of WHS

NZ Golf will add detailed handicap information on our website leading up to the launch. Go to: www.golf.co.nz/whs

What you need to know about WHS in New Zealand

Player Journey


Handicap Formula Journey


Course and Slope Rating Journey


Inclusivity Journey




Key Features


Basis of Handicap Calculation


Course Rating and Slope Rating


Playing Handicap


Player Scoring Record


Maximum Hole Score