NZ Men's Age Group Championship   05 Sep - 07 Sep 2012

Registration Entries (158)

  Player Name Club/Country Hdcp Idx Status
Boon, Charlie Waverley 5.9 Accepted
Hillier, Harry Te Puke 6.3 Accepted
New Zealand 1.0 Accepted
Zulch, Jayson New Zealand 1.9 Accepted
Patel, Rakesh Remuera 4.5 Accepted
New Zealand 4.8 Accepted
Lundt, Daniel Harewood 7.2 Accepted
Hansen, Scott Waikaka 5.0 Accepted
New Zealand +1.9 Accepted
New Zealand 5.1 Accepted
Voke, Nick Windross Farm +1.5 Accepted
Ritchie, Tom Waimarino 3.7 Accepted
Coxon, Ryan Nelson 5.5 Accepted
New Zealand +3.7 Accepted
Kuggeleijn, Steven Mangawhai +0.6 Accepted
Jensen, Casey Manawatu 6.2 Accepted
Cadenhead, Oscar Pegasus 1.9 Accepted
Spring, Henry Whakatane 5.1 Accepted
Lee, Peter New Zealand +2.4 Accepted
Brook, Keiran Whitford Park 1.0 Accepted
Bakermans, Jordan Christchurch +3.0 Accepted
New Zealand 3.1 Accepted
Broderick, Fletcher New Plymouth 4.9 Accepted
Roberts, Jacob Russley 4.9 Accepted
New Zealand 2.3 Accepted
Ieremia, Denzel Hamilton 0.1 Accepted
Van Den Elzen, Lucas New Zealand 10.0 Accepted
New Zealand 3.8 Accepted
Bittle, Kit Wainui 5.7 Accepted
Han, Sungwoo Queenstown +0.1 Accepted
Hilton, Reid Russley 5.4 Accepted
Brown, Luke Muriwai +1.0 Accepted
Anstiss, James Wakatipu Junior 1.4 Accepted
Kim, Brendan Pupuke 6.5 Accepted
Purdie, Sam New Zealand 4.3 Accepted
New Zealand 1.3 Accepted
Wilson, Tom Templeton 2.5 Accepted
Tiplady, Joe Royal Auckland and Grange 8.7 Accepted
Drummond, Andrew Shandon 5.1 Accepted
New Zealand 5.2 Accepted
Rookes, Joshua Bernhard Waitemata 5.9 Accepted
New Zealand 1.6 Accepted
Green, Jordan Ashburton +1.7 Accepted
Brown, Norton New Zealand 7.2 Accepted
Stock, Dylan Otago 6.4 Accepted
Kim, Dong-Young New Zealand 0.5 Accepted
New Zealand 8.9 Accepted
Helsby, Oliver Royal Auckland and Grange 1.4 Accepted
Heatley, Nick Royal Auckland and Grange 5.7 Accepted
Maaka, Harrison Otago 6.8 Accepted
Wise, Hamish Wanaka 7.7 Accepted
Birchall, Michael Manawatu 2.0 Accepted
MacKintosh, Logan Pupuke 4.6 Accepted
Koh, Tae Windross Farm +1.1P Accepted
Scott, Matthew New Zealand 10.9 Accepted
McKeown, Chase Akarana +0.6 Accepted
Yang, Harry Pupuke +0.4 Accepted
Mountcastle, Kerry Masterton 1.9 Accepted
Smith, Bailey Mt Maunganui +0.2 Accepted
New Zealand 2.1 Accepted
New Zealand 1.6 Accepted
Sullivan, Jack Australia 1.1 Accepted
Bowmar, Ben Whangarei 7.5 Accepted
New Zealand 7.3 Accepted
Neho, Kadin Muriwai 0.0 Accepted
Shuttleworth, Ryan Wanaka 1.7 Accepted
New Zealand 7.1 Accepted
Tynan, Johnny Titirangi 2.5 Accepted
Smail, Charlie Walton 13.4 Accepted
Kerr, Hamish Russley 3.0 Accepted
McConaghty, Regan Manawatu 5.4 Accepted
New Zealand 5.0 Accepted
An, Sam Titirangi +2.9P Accepted
Lee, Chang Gi Pupuke 3.0 Accepted
Kidd, Regan Riverside 2.1 Accepted
Modgill, Sanjay New Plymouth +0.2 Accepted
New Zealand 3.3 Accepted
Roberts, Josh Frankton 5.1 Accepted
Tisch, Jack Otago 4.6 Accepted
Leesburg, Luke Shandon 1.4 Accepted
New Zealand 7.6 Accepted
Shaw, Greg Manawatu 6.4 Accepted
New Zealand 6.0 Accepted
New Zealand 5.4 Accepted
Reese, Sam Hamilton 5.3 Accepted
New Zealand 4.2 Accepted
Hessell, Ben Akarana 4.4 Accepted
Miya, Hiroki Russley 9.3 Accepted
New Zealand 3.9 Accepted
Higgins, Benjamin Windross Farm 3.8 Accepted
Helsby, George Royal Auckland and Grange 1.4 Accepted
Hillier, Charlie Te Puke 1.9 Accepted
Weir, Mathew Remuera 0.4 Accepted
Arkle, Jackson New Zealand 6.7 Accepted
Campbell, John Te Puke 1.8 Accepted
Huwyler, Kaylin Tawhero 1.6 Accepted
Dasent, Joshua Hawkes Bay 2.3 Accepted
New Zealand 4.2 Accepted
New Zealand +0.3 Accepted
Coxon, Nick Riverside 0.2 Accepted
Chisnall, Ryan Greenacres +3.5 Accepted
Williams, Tawera Omanu 3.5 Accepted
Connolly, Fergus Royal Auckland and Grange 2.9 Accepted
New Zealand +0.1 Accepted
Middleton, Harry Omokoroa 3.2 Accepted
Golding, Jordan Omanu 1.1 Accepted
King, Tyler Omokoroa 4.9 Accepted
New Zealand 5.7 Accepted
New Zealand 0.6 Accepted
Hodge, Tyler Levin +2.3P Accepted
Van Staden, Ashley New Zealand 12.7 Accepted
Campbell, Shaun Omanu 6.8 Accepted
New Zealand 6.1 Accepted
Guan, Vincent New Zealand 4.7 Accepted
Morris, Matthew Waiotapu Valley 0.4 Accepted
Harris, Cameron Clearwater 6.9 Accepted
Charlton, Chris Riverside 3.0 Accepted
Smith, Josh Tinwald 1.7 Accepted
Nesbit, Liam New Zealand 3.6 Accepted
Meenhorst, Jake Muriwai 0.5 Accepted
New Zealand 7.2 Accepted
Gillon, Lewis Millbrook 2.7 Accepted
Ryder, Cameron Otago 4.7 Accepted
Masters, Sean Otago 0.1 Accepted
Tiplady, Matty Maungakiekie 2.7P Accepted
Keown, Braden Waipu 2.5 Accepted
Eng, James Remuera 0.0 Accepted
Blomquist, Sean Tauranga 5.3P Accepted
Collins, David New Zealand 5.4 Accepted
New Zealand 0.9 Accepted
New Zealand 4.7 Accepted
Smith, Justin Tinwald 12.4 Accepted
Rodgers, Damian Highfield 0.2 Accepted
New Zealand 3.7 Accepted
Jamison, Conor St Clair 4.3 Accepted
Neal, Cameron New Zealand 0.0 Accepted
Hutson, Mark Muriwai 1.2 Accepted
New Zealand 3.7 Accepted
Li, Michael Wainui 3.2 Accepted
New Zealand 4.0 Accepted
Gill, Taylor Bay of Islands Kerikeri 5.3 Accepted
New Zealand 2.2 Accepted
Wardell, Kayne Allan Grange 2.2 Accepted
Turner, Ben Windross Farm 0.1 Accepted
Harold, Rhys Pongaroa 1.6 Accepted
Munn, Trent Manawatu +1.4 Accepted
New Zealand 1.5 Accepted
Jackson, Andrew New Zealand 3.3 Accepted
Eady, Willy Royal Auckland and Grange 7.9 Accepted
New Zealand 3.4 Accepted
Lee, Mason Royal Auckland and Grange 3.4 Accepted
Foley, Edward Royal Wellington 6.7 Accepted
New Zealand 1.1 Accepted
Mazey, Brayden Royal Wellington +1.2 Accepted
Monnery, Will Royal Wellington 0.0 Accepted
New Zealand 6.1 Accepted
New Zealand +1.1 Accepted
Maihi, Kyle Royal Auckland and Grange 3.1 Waitlist




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    1 Duff, Stuart 59.84
    2 Kobori, Kazuma 59.70
    3 Yeo, Sung Jin 52.08
    4 Brettkelly, Dominic 51.76
    5 Tautari Jr, Mathew 50.24
    1 Cho, Ayean 96.00
    2 Hung, Juliana 80.00
    2 Lu, Vivian 80.00
    4 Lee, Jeong Hyun 57.60
    5 Orchard, Kellie 48.00