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DotGolf is an independent software solution provider for the golf industry. We specialize in producing leading edge software solutions employing the latest technologies. The software which we develop caters to the needs of the approximately 130,000 New Zealand Golf registered members at all New Zealand’s golf clubs.

DotGolf has developed a unique centralized handicapping system for all New Zealand Golf Clubs. With approximately 400 golf courses, New Zealand has the highest number of golf courses per capita in the world. The DotGolf central system was started in 2000, and is used by every New Zealand affiliated Golf Club. It has proved to be a fantastic portal for all golfers and golf clubs. It is continually growing and developing with new features and software enhancements. The central system is administered by DotGolf and is based on the USGA slope handicapping system. History and records for all golfers are held in the system and handicaps are automatically calculated.

The following complementary products and applications that have been developed by DotGolf for the golf industry:

  • DotGolf Enterprise (Card Printing, Green Fee, Competitions, Leaderboard, Tee Booking, Draws, Reporting, Scorecard Scanning)

  • DotGolf Tee Booking (Online Tee Booking system including payment gateway)

  • DotGolf Websites (Custom built and designed websites with content management for Golfing Organisations integrating with the DotGolf system)

  • DotGolf LIVE (Membership and Accounting integration system)

  • DotGolf Unattended EFTPOS (EFTPOS integrated system for unattended Golf Clubs)

  • Levy System (System providing a service for collection of golf levies at Golf Club, District and National levels)

  • TXT Messaging Services (TXT Messages delivered to end users for golf related services)

  • DotGolf Bulk Email Facility (Bulk Email system)

  • DotGolf Concession Card System (Concession card system designed for golf clubs)

  • DotGolf Group Booking System (Group Booking system for golf clubs and golfers integrated with the DotGolf system)

  • Third Party Integrated Systems (Integrated systems built with Third Party companies and advertisers e.g. Johnnie Walker Golf Club, Toro Challenge, AMEX, Raboplus)

For any enquires about this site or the DotGolf software please email: dotgolf@golf.co.nz


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