Once again the Holden Hidden Hole promotion has created a large amount of interest and on this occasion a clutch moment to win the all-important haggle between mates.

Branko Wijnstok was this the winner of the Holden prize pack this month after making birdie on the 16th hole for his team to put the haggle well in their favour.

Playing in a group of four, with highest and lowest handicapper paired together, bragging rights were on the line and the winning pair were entitled to the usual free round of drinks paid for by the opposition.

It was a hard-fought battle with many devious antics and underhanded commentary under pressure to see who would choke or not.

Even the word “shank” was casually thrown into the conversation just before their shot proving this was more than just a free beer, this was war.

Branko and his playing partner were one up with three holes to play before he made a critical birdie on the 16th which meant they were two up and ensured winning was the only possible result from there in.

They shook hands after a halve on the 17th and Branko then signed his card for an impressive round of 76 playing off a handicap of 12 resulting in coming second in the local club haggle to prove his worthiness of the Holden Hidden Holes prize pack.

Branko was nothing but thankful after his great day in the dirt track.

“I received three golf balls for my effort, so it was a good day all round and now the added bonus of being a Holden Hidden Hole winner, so thank you to Holden and the team for your support. I will have great pleasure in reminding my playing partners of this in our next challenge.”

We look forward to hearing more stories from around the country as we look to bring the golfing community together and grow as one.




    1 Hillier, Daniel 242.40
    2 Mountcastle, Kerry 190.16
    3 McLean, Matthew 119.50
    4 Koong, Kevin 115.66
    5 Lee, Jang Hyun 99.62
    1 Dryland, Brittney 214.51
    2 Hung, Juliana 188.00
    3 Jung, Miree 157.69
    4 Lu, Vivian 125.60
    5 Khoo, Caryn 102.50