New Zealand Golf is staging a National Junior Training Camp at the NZ Golf Academy at St Peters College in Cambridge. We caught with Northland golfer Sean Masters to see how he is enjoying his first national camp. 

We’ve just completed day two at the National Boys Training Camp, how are you feeling? [It’s 9:48pm]

Yeah I’m a little bit tired but no it’s been an awesome day so far, and week. I’m really excited about tomorrow as well so it should be a good day.

What did you get up to this afternoon?

I hit a few balls, went through the test, and went on the sand putt lab. That was about it, and then we just sort of relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. It’s been a pretty busy afternoon.

What were your highlights for today? Your key learning highlights.

My highlight was learning about nutrition, because I feel that this is a really big part of the game. For me it’s really important because having good food on the golf course is really good for performance enhancing. That’s pretty much what I thought was the best part of the day.

Did you do the launch monitor today? Had you been on that before?

No I hadn’t actually, so that was quite new to me. It’s really cool though.

You did a combine test [A skills performance test carried out by Trackman – a 3d Doppler Radar]. Do you want to say a little bit about what the combine test was and how you went on that?

You had to hit six balls to varying targets from 50m to 200m [Golfers have 60 golf balls and hit six balls to 10 different targets]. That was quite hard actually because at the moment I’m working on different distances with my wedges so I’m sort of in between clubs. Trying out the wedge matrix as well was pretty interesting. So I’m learning new stuff and I’ll see how that goes when I get back and practice. It is something that I’ll be able to apply to my game and hopefully benefit from.

And then we sort of capped off the day today with a session at 8.30 tonight with Sports Psychologist David Galbraith. How was that?

Yeah that was awesome learning about that sort of stuff. I hadn’t really gone for that kind of work before but to learn that sort of stuff and how important the mental part of the game is, it’s really interesting and I’ve learned a few thing that I can actually take onto the course and off the course now, which is really cool. I’ll probably have a good sleep tonight.





    1 Hillier, Daniel 202.00
    2 Mountcastle, Kerry 158.47
    3 McLean, Matthew 119.50
    4 Koong, Kevin 115.66
    5 Lee, Jang Hyun 87.42
    1 Dryland, Brittney 214.51
    2 Hung, Juliana 188.00
    3 Jung, Miree 157.69
    4 Lu, Vivian 125.60
    5 Khoo, Caryn 102.50