Teams Stroke (best 3 out of 4 count on each hole) - 23/06/12 - Round 1

Waimairi Beach - Competition Results

Pos Name Home Club Round Total
1 Williams, Gregory Waimairi Beach 1 75
2 Taylor, Peter Waimairi Beach 1 80
3 Belcher, Mark Waimairi Beach 1 82
4 Williamson, Trevor Waimairi Beach 1 84
5 Henry, John Tauranga 1 85
6 Sladen, Jon Waimairi Beach 1 86
7 Dwyer, John Waimairi Beach 1 89
8 McDowall, Shane Waimairi Beach 1 95
9 Dev, Rayman; Randall, John Waimairi Beach 1 178
10 Laredo, Kevin; Strom, Christer Waimairi Beach 1 181
11 Dwyer, John; George, Barry; Henry, John; Smith, Merv Waimairi Beach 1 191
12 Irving, Micheal; Logan, John; Oconnell, Tony; Ward, Michael Waimairi Beach 1 233
13 Bonnett, Martin; Fox, Shane; Frampton, Richard; Wigney, Jeffery Hanmer Springs 1 238
14 Carr, Grant; Forrester, Leslie; Hill, Jimmy; Leslie, Phillip Waimairi Beach 1 240
15 Kendall, Arthur; Pettigrew, Malcolm Donald; Quinn, Michael; Whitaker, Wayne Waimairi Beach 1 243
16 Clinton, James L; Condie, Ian; Munro, Lucky; Timu, Herbie Waimairi Beach 1 245
17 Hiller, Norton; Irvine, Jim; McPartlin, Brian; Wardrop, Richard Waimairi Beach 1 249
18 Bowick, David; Evans, Jim; Ocromtha, Seamus; Smith, Dave J Coringa 1 250
19 Cooke, Colin; Hurley, Mike; Winter, Bob Waimairi Beach 1 259
20 Girvin, Alex; Hill, Alan; McCarthy, Peter; Wilson, Rick Waimairi Beach 1 259
21 Brown, David; Fogarty, Bryan; Mardon, Geoff; Ross, Peter Waimairi Beach 1 270
22 Holloway, Jim; Keenan, Walter; Marriott, Peter; Mortimer, Keith Waimairi Beach 1 271
23 Evans, John; Miller, Barry; Van Nobelen, John; Williamson, Terry Waimairi Beach 1 274
24 Duthie, Noel; McAllister, Ted; Peters, Chris Waimairi Beach 1 277
25 Bolton, Jonathan; Hemingway, Daryl; Rogers, Charles D Waimairi Beach 1 284


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