Twos - 16/06/12 - Round 1

Omanu - Competition Results

Pos Name Home Club Holes Total
1 Golding, Jordan (Aj) Omanu 14 7239363034
2 Williams, Tawera (Aj) Omanu 7 7539363071
3 Omanu Omanu 7 7639363040
4 Omanu Omanu 14 8039363126
5 Omanu Omanu 4,17 8239363090
6 Omanu Omanu 14 8639363010
7 Rasmussen, Wayne Omanu 14 8639363128
8 Brown, Gary Omanu 17 8739363078
9 Lowe, George Omanu 7 8839363109
10 Hughes, Brian Omanu 14 8939363102


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