In association with the PGA of New Zealand, New Zealand Golf has spent considerable time developing a Framework for a Whole of Golf Strategic Plan.

The principals of the Whole of Golf Strategic Framework are as follows:

Pillars of Strategic Framework & Desired Outcomes:

Golf as a Recreation - Strong Golf Clubs and Healthy Golf Communities
Golf as a Sport - Competitive Success at All Levels
Golf as an Industry - An Industry Making Its Living From the Game of Golf.


Evolution of the Strategic Plan:

Throughout a through District Association, Golf Club and stakeholder consultation processes during 2013, New Zealand Golf has received a great deal of positive feedback on the Strategic Framework.

Taking this feedback into account, the Board and Management of New Zealand Golf has now evolved the Strategic Framework into an adopted Strategic Plan for the 5 year period of 2014 - 2018.

Click Here to View the New Zealand Golf Strategic Plan: 2014 - 2018

The following table summarises the key components of New Zealand Golf’s’ Strategic Thinking:

The Value of Golf

The game of golf provides unique and lifelong enrichment.

This defines the purpose and value of the game of golf. It is what sets golf apart from other sports and provides the basis for WHY our organisations wish to see golf grow and prosper.

Vision for Golf

Golf is New Zealand’s Favourite Pastime.

This vision statement defines our ideal future state – the position we would like golf to achieve in New Zealand. It defines WHERE we are heading and WHERE we aspire to be.

Our Mission Statement

To Grow the Love of Golf.

This statement defines the daily purpose of our organisations. It answers the question of WHAT we exist to do.

Strategic Priorities

1. Growing the Game of Golf.

2. Supporting the Game of Golf.

These are the Strategic Priorities that provide direction for our day to day operations. It is HOW we organise our activities, initiatives and resources in order drive our organisation to achieve its vision.

Strategic Objectives

Growing the Game of Golf:

1. Increased Participation.

2. Increased New Club Membership and Existing Member Retention.

3. An Increased Profile and Positive Perception of the Game.

4. More Kiwis who are Winning on the World Stage.


Supporting the Game of Golf:

1. Improved Club Capability and Financial Health.

2. An Increased Number of Career and Education Opportunities for a Growing Number of PGA Professionals, Golf Industry Trained Professionals and Volunteers.

3. A Redeveloped Administration Support Structure that is Appropriately Meeting the Needs of the Game.

4. Enhancing the History, Legacy and Tradition of the Game.

Desired Outcomes

a) Strong Golf Clubs and Healthy Golf Communities;
b) Competitive Success at All Levels; and
c) An Industry that Offers Well Remunerated Careers and is Recognised for its Economic Contribution.

These are the outcomes that progress in the golfing sector can be measured on. If our strategic initiatives and programmes are successful, this is what will be measured.