Many golf clubs are continuously looking for growth and have difficulty understanding the importance of cultivating loyal customers. Every golf club has customers, your members are simply repeat customers, your green fee players are new customers or repeat customers and all enquiries are future customers. So how much time and investment does your golf club spend measuring customer satisfaction? If the answer is, “We send out an annual survey to our members” or even worse, “We don’t do anything, what’s the point?”, then you seriously need to click on the link below to download a great resource to help you establish a Net Promoter Score®.

The Customer Experience 



The Government is looking to change New Zealand’s workplace health and safety culture with a new Health and Safety at Work Act that will come into force midway through 2015. The aim of this legislation change is to substantially reduce work-related harm in New Zealand. The Bill is still at the Select Committee stage and the content of the Bill may change again. However it is important that we as a golf industry are prepared for these changes. The Community Golf Team are taking this area of golf club compliance very seriously and have researched the internet and government organisations to provide golf clubs with the best guides and resources.

  •    Sport New Zealand – has produced a great summary of the Health & Safety Reform explaining what the changes are and what they mean to the sport sector.

               Sport New Zealand - H&S Reform Summary   

  •    Institute of Directors of New Zealand – has developed a number of good governance practice guidelines for committees and boards.

             H&S Good Governance Practices Guidelines           
                 H&S Diagnostic Questions for Directors
                 H&S Actions for Directors  
                 H&S Managing Risks
                 H&S Guide for SMEs

New Zealand Golf has begun a remuneration survey project aimed at establishing industry benchmarks that can be reviewed on an annual basis.

Within the remuneration survey additional information is displayed on employees and volunteers within the sector which will contribute to future assessment on the total value of the golf economy in New Zealand.

Please click here to view the 2014 Remuneration Survey Results



New Zealand Golf is excited to launch the Community Golf Plan – Towards 2018 (CGP).

It is a blueprint for how New Zealand Golf will achieve the desired outcomes of its strategic framework which is built on the twin pillars of growing and supporting the game.

“We believe that this Community Golf Plan has the potential to be a game-changer,” said Kenny Halliday, the National Community Golf Manager.

“We are looking forward to taking some significant steps towards achieving the vision that golf is New Zealander's favourite pastime.”


New Zealand Golf is pleased to announce the completion of the New Zealand Facilities Strategy Report. The report was completed in the middle of last year and a consultation process was undertaken. We believe it is now time to share the report with the wider golf community.

The Report was prepared for New Zealand Golf (NZ Golf) to provide strategic direction for golf facilities throughout New Zealand. The intent of the project was to enable NZ Golf to make informed and objective decisions in relation to investing in, or supporting investment in, golf facilities throughout New Zealand. The research was hugely valuable for NZ Golf and affiliated clubs looking to change their strategic direction and club offering. It outlines the issues that are specific to different regions and the challenges and the barriers that golf clubs need to implement to achieve a successful and sustainable future.

The project was designed so that the following aims could be achieved: Increased participation in golf; Establishment of a financially sustainable network of quality golf facilities throughout New Zealand; Increased utilization of golf facilities; and clarity for key stakeholders in golf facilities in relation to their role in owning and operating golf facilities.

Once the New Zealand golf community has had a chance to read this report New Zealand Golf will facilitate a forum to discuss the relevant findings.

To download a copy of the executive summary: CLICK HERE

To download a copy of the full report: CLICK HERE



New Zealand Golf is leading an initiative to create a stronger community through the sharing of information in Case Studies from successful golf clubs around the country.

The Case Studies are designed to celebrate innovate thinking and success in clubs and communities around New Zealand.

They are also a key way that clubs, communities and regional sports trusts can learn from each other through effective practice and relevant findings for all golf clubs.

The Case Studies are based on the 10 categories of; Membership Modelling, Membership Recruitment, Membership Retention, Participation Programs, Junior Environment, Female Environment, Family Environment, Outside of Golf, Golf Course Development and Great Customer Service.

 April 2016
And the winner is...

The course for all golf club managers

Disability Golf

 March 2016
On Par Golf Advertising


The online course every golf club committee needs

Time for change

February 2016
What golf could learn from the gym industry

Creating a great junior environment
January 2016
Golf Tourism

Sponsorship is Dead
December 2015
Golf Club Websites

What is the magic number?
Growing the game through Junior Golf
November 2015
Effective Course Length

Hastings Golf Club Open Day
Golf Driving Ranges
October 2015
Review: Female Friendly Environment -
Mangawhai Golf Club
Review: Female Friendly Environment - Waikato Golf Association

Review: Female Friendly Environment -  Manawatu Golf Club
September 2015
Review: Membership Recruitment - Whangamata Golf Club

August 2015
Review: Membership Recruitment - Tauranga Golf Club
July 2015
1. Innovation: Staff Led Operation
June 2015
1. Partnerships: Value of Affiliate Schools - Pukekohe Golf Club
2. Financial Stability: Cost Saving with Solar Power - Waikare Golf Club
May 2015
1. Innovative ways of increasing participation - Tauranga Golf Club
 2. Membership Retention: Creating a Customer-Centric Golf Club Environment - Gulf Harbour Country Club
March 2015
Participation Programme: Innovative ways of increasing participation - Omanu Golf Club
February 2015
1. INTERNATIONAL: Golf Course Development: Course Ecology - GEO & Le Golf National
2. INTERNATIONAL: Game Innovations: Tee it Forward - Berkshire Hills Golf Club
3. INTERNATIONAL: Game Innovation: Fast Play Fridays - Deer Fun Golf Club   
January 2015
1. Outside of Golf: Saving the environment - Project Litefoot - LiteClub & Inglewood Golf Club
2. Customer Service: Creating a customer-centric golf club environment - Ohope Golf Club
3. Female Environment: Innovative ways of creating a female friendly environment - Mangawhai Golf Club
1. Innovative ways of creating a female friendly environment - Waikato Golf Association
2.  How to build and implement a membership pathway model - Nelson Golf Club & Greenacres Golf Club
1. Innovative ways of creating revenue outside of the traditional golf club operation. - Taupo Golf Club
2.  How to develop a great junior environment with volunteers. - Waiheke Golf Club
3. Innovative outside of golf revenue - Waitangi Golf Club
1. Innovative ways to recruit and retain members - The Whangamata GC 
2. Innovative ways to recruit and retain members - The North Shore GC
3. Membership retention and recruitment - The Waimairi Beach GC
1. Outside Of Golf: Innovative ways of creating revenue outside the traditional golf club - The Sherwood Park GC
2. Innovative Ways to Generate Junior Members - St Peter’s Golf Academy 
3. Innovative Ways to attract Casual Players - The Northern Passport
1. Case Study - Membership Recruitment: Innovative approaches to attracting new members - Bay of Islands Golf Club 
2. Case Study - Administration Costs: Innovative ways of saving money within the golf club - Hastings Golf Club
3.  Case Study - Outside of Golf: Innovative Ways of Creating Revenue Outside of the Traditional Golf Club - Clark's Beach Golf Club
1. Case Study - Financial Sustainability: Changing Cost Structure - Taupo Golf Club
2. Case Study - Membership Recruitment: Innovative Approaches to Attracting New Members - Tauranga Golf Club. 
3.  Case Study - Junior Golf Programme - Innovative Ways of Creating a Great Junior Environment - The First Tee New Zealand.
1. Case Study - Junior Environment:  Innovative ways of creating a great junior environment - Murupara Golf Club
2. Case Study - Arresting Membership Decline: Adapting for the future - Pakuranga Golf Club
3. Case Study - Membership Recruitment and Retention: The importance of the PGA Professional - The Grange Golf Club
1. Case Study - Amalgamation: Innovative ways of retaining history whilst securing the future - Boulcott's Farm Heritage Golf Club.
2. Case Study - Outside of Golf: Innovative ways of creating revenue outside the traditional golf club operation - Mangawhai Golf Club.
3. Case Study - Membership Recruitment and Retention - Innovative ways of recruiting and retaining members - Nelson Golf Club. 
1. Case Study: Female Environment: Innovative Ways of Creating a Female Friendly Environment - Manawatu Golf Club
2. Case Study: Membership Recruitment: Innovative Approaches to attracting new members - Akarana Golf Club
3. Case Study: Membership Recruitment: Innovative Ways of Creating a Great Junior Environment - Pupuke Golf Club

To participate in the Case Studies Competition and share your own success story or storiesCLICK HERE 

This guide is designed to help your golf club to set up an effective programme for your on-going recruitment, support and retention of volunteers.
Volunteers are the lifeblood of golf and they support clubs to deliver great experiences for members, casual green fee players and tournament golfers.
We encourage you to download and access the additional templates and documents from within the guide.
A Guide to Volunteer Management: <click to download> 

Request via email to Kenny Halliday (National Community Golf Manager):


Please click the following to view the final National Handicap Review as adopted by New Zealand Golf
Handicap System Review Final  
After a comprehensive review of our current handicap system we are now pleased to present our findings.
In the below paper you will find a list of recommendations that we now publish to District Associations and
Golf Clubs for feedback and consultation through until the end of February 2014. Following this period of
feedback and consultation, the New Zealand Golf Board will confirm the changes we are to implement from 1
June 2014.
In addition to the paper we would like to add:
1. The Board of New Zealand Golf recommends that competitions, particularly the weekend scrambles, be
played in more than one division. It was revealing that 46% of clubs play just the one division and the
probability of an exceptional score will always favour the higher handicapper when doing so.
2. New Zealand Golf will continue to monitor the Golf Australia Handicapping system and particularly the effect
of the best 8 of 20 scores and the potential factor of 93%.
3. Golf Australia has extensively assessed the area of course rating and they believe they have something that
could provide a very accurate Daily Scratch Rating (DSR). Whilst we intend more education and training in
regard to our current course rating system, we will continue to research the DSR concept and if we believe it
to be a better system then we will possibly implement at a later date.

As an entirely free service for sports clubs, LiteClub installs energy-saving products, including energy efficient light bulbs, tap aerators and insulation.

To view the LiteClub brochure, including a case study of how Hamilton Golf Club will save $9000 via the programme, click here

 To register your club or get more information, visit 
 Click Here to see available dates for 2016.


New Zealand Golf has sponsored an Association membership with n3 on your behalf to help reduce your Golf Club’s operating costs. n3 have recently rebranded from GSB; their membership help Clubs save money with access to discounted pricing at over 100 well known nationwide suppliers. Clubs can access the n3 discounts by linking your credit accounts to n3 discounts or using the Trade Cards for “cash” – eftpos/ cheque or credit card transactions in store.

The program started in October 2012 and I’m pleased to say n3 has delivered over $50,000 in savings to Clubs in the first 12 months for n3 linked credit account spend. In addition the n3 (GSB) Trade Card has delivered more savings and I hope you’ve made good use of these cards for cash transactions.

n3 as a group have saved their 12,000 members over $300 million in the last 5 years. There’s plenty of scope for Clubs to make more use of this New Zealand Golf sponsored Membership so please support this program.

The most popular suppliers used by Clubs (on account) include: NZ Safety, Officemax, Placemakers, Bunnings, BOC Gases, PGG Wrightsons and Southern Hospitality. FYI n3 have recently appointed Davis Trading as their new groceries, fresh and frozen food supplier – available NZ wide.

·         To activate your n3 membership for business discounts, if you haven’t already, then find out more at: or contact n3 directly as below.

·         n3 have a new website:

The website makes it easier for you to find suppliers, request quotes, open accounts, and have your current pricing benchmarked. You can use your existing username and password to log in and download your clubs individual savings report.

To login, request a new login or reset your password go to

·        ·        Trade Cards and Employee Benefits: if you have a Trade Card or Employee Benefits cards with old branding, these can still be used until their expiry.

If you need any help getting started with n3 or have any questions, please contact the n3 team directly at or 0508 20 30 40

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at the below case studies:
Hastings Golf Club Case Study: <HASTINGS GOLF CLUB CASE STUDY>
Remuera Golf Club Case Study: <REMUERA GOLF CLUB CASE STUDY>


The New Zealand Golf Club Manual is an excellent source of information for all golf club administrations.

The Golf Club Manual was revamped in 2011 and is now available as an online e-book.

Click the below link to view online:  
To view or print a PDF copy of the Golf Club Manual, click the links below:
Cover and contents page - click here
Section 1 - click here
Section 2 - click here
Section 3 - click here
Section 4 - click here
Section 5 - click here
Section 6 - click here
Section 7 - click here
Section 8 - click here

Printed copies of the Golf Club Manual are available to purchase from New Zealand Golf.
A4 ring binded with tabbed inserts - $35 + GST.  
To order your copy, or for any further details, please email

 MAP (Mutual Assistance Plan)
MAP is a service established by New Zealand Golf to serve the interests of golf clubs and their members throughout New Zealand.  
MAP compensates golfers for damage to golf equipment that is outside the scope of cover provided by household or personal effects insurance.
To view a summary of MAP, it's benefits and how you can be apart of it, click here. 
All Risk Claim Form - click here to download the Mutual Assistance Plan Claim Form 
Public Liability Claim Form - click here to download the Mutual Assistance Public Liability Claim Form


    1 Chisnall, Ryan 223.20
    2 Toomey, Luke 128.00
    3 Jones, Cameron 97.24
    4 Brown, Luke 97.21
    5 Borren, Nicholas 81.28
    1 Cassidy, Chantelle 250.00
    2 Kobori, Momoka 177.07
    3 Campbell, Alanna 165.00
    4 Dryland, Brittney 141.88
    5 Garvey, Amelia 128.49


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